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  All contents of this site contains: text, graphics, LOGO, creativity, and software such as the ownership Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disc and the contents of this website / information providers and is protected by China and international copyright laws. Replication (meaning the collection, combinations and re-combinations) of all content on this site, this site enjoys exclusive rights and the protection of Chinese and international copyright laws. Ownership of all software used on this site belong to Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disk or its software suppliers and protected by China and international copyright laws. Specific information on this site can only be reproduced by the site license, and the need to identify the source.

  Information release clause

Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun dish used only for legitimate purposes, that viewing information, online consulting, user exchanges.

  ⑴ announced prohibits the publication of information in the short or false information, if found in violation of the user usage rules, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate the user's service.

  ⑵ all the information published on this website are not in violation of state and local government regulations on Internet network information security laws, regulations, management practices and other relevant laws and regulations;

  ⑶ content posted by users of the information published is responsible for interpreting and independent bear all the consequences and legal responsibilities arising therefrom.

  ⑷ the right to use all of the information on this website by website users, while users retain the information management, modification, deletion of the right;

  ⑸ this website without authorization is prohibited users information on this site for other purposes.

User Privacy

  Respect user privacy is a basic policy Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disc customer service. Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disk without the legitimate user does not authorize disclosure to third parties or disclose their registration information and stored in the disk Industrial Co., Ltd. Guangzhou-jun user platform non-public, except in the following situations:

  ⑴ user information confidential improper reasons of their own,Cause users to disclose non-public information;

  ⑵ data lines due to network, hackers, computer viruses, government regulation and other causes of leakage, lost, stolen or tampered with;

  ⑶ law or Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun dish service management requires a user's personal information;

  ⑷ in case of emergency to safeguard users and the public's lives and property safety.

Service termination clause

  ⑴ Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disk users determine whether the conduct of the right to the terms of service requirements, if the disk Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun identified user violates the provisions of the Terms of Service, the right to immediately terminate its customer service and delete user information;

  ⑵ Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disk according to the actual situation may be modified at any time, suspend or terminate some or all users a free service, and without the right to sue for any user or third party reservations.


  ⑴ This site does not guarantee the free services provided will not be modified, suspend, terminate, delay, we can not guarantee the absolute integrity and security of user information, and for users of the free service is modified, suspend, terminate, delay and user information loss of information, this website does not assume any responsibility;

  ⑵ this site only by itself and Hohhot Tourism Bureau commissioned release authenticity, legitimacy, guarantee the accuracy of the information, in addition to other users not guarantee the authenticity of the information content, legality, accuracy, and its information visitors shall confirm the contents of its own and bear the risk of using this information, but this site does not assume in addition to any other users to publish their own damages and liabilities caused by inaccurate information.

Terms of service and services Amendment

  Guangzhou-Jun Industrial Co. the right to modify the terms of the disc service when necessary, Guangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. Jun disk User Terms of Service once change, will be prompted to modify content on the page is important. If you do not agree to change the content, the user can take the initiative to stop access to network services. If you continue to enjoy Internet services, are deemed to have accepted the terms of service.