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Brand Name:KINGPAN

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Guangzhou Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in Jun disc in 1993, since 2006 is mainly engaged in high-efficiency switching charger, charger, charging pile of research and development, production, sales, with an annual output of 200,000 units, with annual sales of about 30 million.

  Guangzhou Jun disc has independent R & D capability Industrial Co., Ltd., in the lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries three categories theoretical breakthroughs and innovation, access to all kinds of utility model patents dozens, including "FM variable intermittent power charging technology "has the international advanced level, the charging time by one-third, to extend the full discharge capacity of 20%, 30% longer battery life (more than 30 countries now apply for patents).

  Irreplaceable Supply Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Jun disc foster long-term implementation of market strategy for the German BMZ, France XOR, Sweden clean motion, Switzerland wetrok core customers for custom style, accompanied by the development, Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, many customers providers.